We have many options for your orthodontic needs... 

Brackets, wires and bands are a thing of the past.  Ask us about Invisalign or Clear Aligners.  This is a great solution for teeth straightening.  Clear aligners work by using a series of clear removable aligners that will straighten your teeth before your eyes! You will need to change them every 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of the crowding.  Week by week you will see amazing changes.  When they have moved your teeth to the final position you will have a new set of clear retainers to keep them from moving back to their old position. It is important to continue to have regular cleaning and exam appointments during this time, so any cavities can be found quickly and will not delay your Clear aligner treatment.  Ask for a free consultation, we can check if insurance will help with the cost and then get you on your way to a straight and beautiful smile. 

Dr. Linda Salmon is a certified United States Dental Institute of Orthodontics Dentist and certified Invisalign dentist. She takes care of our patients and all their orthodontic needs. If you want regular braces or clear aligners, she can make sure you achieve that straight smile you desire.  She treats patients of all ages, and loves providing the individualized care to each person who comes to our practice. Dr. Salmon’s experienced Orthodontic dental team help provide all of the patents with a personalized experience in a professional and caring environment. We look forward to taking care of you and helping you get that happy and healthy smile!


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