Dr. Ashur Joseph and Dr. Linda Salmon are extremely experienced in surgical placement of implants and oral soft tissue surgeries. They have both taken several years of surgical courses to surgically place implants for single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants or with a full denture that will snap on to them.  They are also very skilled using the laser for excess gingiva/gum removal or frenectomies, which help your lip or tongue be released from too tight of an attachment.  We also have several patients young and old coming in for tongue-tied removal surgeries. We have several patients who just had the braces removed and have overgrown gums that need to be removed, or are patients on medication that makes their gums overgrow, or if they just want that esthetic appearance of a “non gummy smile”.  Please let us know and you can have a free consultation from one of our amazing doctors!  Thank you for holding and we will be with you in just in a moment.


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